Role of Women in Society

General News | Oct-17-2020

Role of Women in Society
Women play an awfully important role in human progress and have a big place within society. they're not in any respect inferior to men. they're capable of sharing all the responsibilities of life. Man and girl are justly compared to the wheels of an equivalent carriage.
Islam has accorded associate degree equal position to ladies within the society. Islam accomplished the importance of girls and granted them an awfully dignified position adequate to man. the most responsibility of a girl is to preserve civilization. As a mother, her position is exclusive. She brings up the kids with extreme care. the primary faculty of a baby is that the lap of his mother. it's quite true that a nice man had nice mothers.
Napoleon said: “Give American state smart mothers and that I can provide you with an honest nation.” The progress of a nation depends upon the means the mothers quote their kids. If the mother's area unit educated, the total society can progress. ladies have continually competed for a crucial role within the progress of a nation.
In the period of time of Islam, ladies worked facet by facet with men. within the field of honour, they breast-fed the scraped, well-kept the provides, and in sure cases even fought courageously. Nightingale was the girl, UN agency LED an awfully roaring campaign for the reforms of hospitals and the nursing profession. ladies had been nice saints, scholars, poets, writers, reformers, and directors. ladies ought to tend to correct education and coaching. {they ought to|they ought to|they must} legendary what life is and the way it should be lived.
Educated ladies will do abundant to reform society. several disturbances within the society are formed by those anti-social persons, UN agency was referred to by the wrong hands. In the trendy age, ladies area unit going alright all told the fields of progress. they're demonstrating their skills in best. they're serving as lecturers, doctors, engineers, directors, and even head of the states. The skill rate among the ladies thus in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is extremely low. the necessity is to extend this magnitude relation. a lot of education among the ladies suggests that a lot of progress in society.
Aditya Raj Awasthi 
Pinnacle National School
Class: 6