Things To Know About Our Indian Flag

When we talk about the Indian flag, suddenly an image of three colours and a circle come to our mind. But there are so many interesting things and facts are also connected to our Indian flag. If we talk about the three colours they are representing the nature of India. Saffron colour which is in the top of the flag symbolizes sacrifice and courage. The second colour is green which is in the middle of the flag symbolises peace, truth and purity in thoughts. The bottom colour in the flag is green symbolises the prosperity of life. In the middle of the flag, there is a chakra known as Ashok Chakra which represents the Law of Dharma and also it is a symbol of progress and movement. This the reason the Indian flag is known as “tiranga” or “tricolour”.

Pingali Venkayya an Indian freedom fighter and an agriculturist designed the flag. By law, the Indian national flag should be made of khadi only. Khadi is a type of cloth which can be weaved easily. 2:3 is the ratio of the flag. There is a proper dimension that is the length of the flag is 1.5 times of the width and also all the three stripes should be in the equal proportion that is length and width, the chakra should be printed both the sides of the flag. The size of the chakra is not specified but there should be 24 strokes on the chakra. The colour of the chakra is navy-blue in the middle of the white stripe.

The flag becomes the official Indian national flag in the meeting of constituent assembly held on 22 July 1947. According to article 19(i)(a) of the constitution, flag hoisting is done declared by Supreme Court in 2002.

The national flag should be soar over the supreme government buildings like the parliament house, the Rashtrapati Bhawan, the Supreme Court of India, the high courts, the commissioners' office etc. The national flag should not be used for the purpose of business, trade or any profession. After the hoisting, the flag should be taken down in the evening at sunset.

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