Plant Genetics and Breeder

Plant Breeding is the art and science of changing the attributes of plants in order to make them produce the desired result. This aids in improving the quality of nutrients in products for both humans and animals. The plant breeders struggle to achieve a particular outcome of plants and new varieties in them.

Career Options

  • - Genetic engineering firms - Seed specialists. - Junior plant breeder - An assistant professor or in the central research organizations of the Indian agricultural research institutes - Crop research directorates - Plants hereditary resource bureau as plant reproduction - Cytogeneticians

Educational Qualifications

  • 12th examination, minimum of 50% in aggregate of Physics, Chemistry and Biology from a recognized board.

Personal Skills

  • - Commitment and a strong interest in plants and plant science - Good problem-solving skills - Excellent oral and written communication skills - The ability to carry out work independently and with patience - A flexible approach - The ability and stamina to undertake research and long-term projects - The skills to manage a busy laboratory - Strong team-working skills - An analytical and investigative mind - Computer literacy and technical skills

Courses to be pursued

  • - M.Sc. in Genetics & Plant Breeding - PhD in Plant Genetics

Top Colleges

  • Agricultural College and Research Institute - Killikulam Address: Killikulam, Vallanadu, Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu 628252 Phone: 04630 261 226 Website:
  • Indian Agricultural Research Institute Address: Hill Side Road, Pusa, Delhi 110012 Phone: 011 2584 3375 Website:

Working Conditions

The working routine follows a seasonal pattern and shifts are usually quite long with the plants requiring care seven days a week, whereas some months are less busy than others. Extra hours may sometimes be required depending on the experiments that are being carried out.

Top Companies

  • Andhra Pradesh State Seeds Development Corporation Ltd Address: Door No 4-150, Prasadam Padu Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh 521108 Phone: 0866 2841792 Website:
  • Kalash Seeds Pvt Ltd Address: P.O. Box-77, Mantha Road Jalna Maharashtra 431203 Phone: 02482 244000 Website:

Successful Persons

Gregor Mendel

Gregor Mendel was a Germany based scientist who posthumously received the recognition as the founder of the modern science of genetics. Mendel used seven characteristics of pea plants which were plant height, pod shape and color, seed shape and color, and flower position and color. Taking seed color as an example, Mendel explained how a true-breeding yellow pea and a true-breeding green pea when cross-bred, their offspring always produced yellow seeds.

James Watson

James Watson is an American biologist and geneticist who is one of the discoverers of DNA structure in 1953. He also received the Nobel Prize in Physiology for his discoveries aiming at the molecular structure of nucleic acids and its importance in information transfer.

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