Importance of Health and Immunity at this Current Situation

Date: 6th April, 2020  Time: 4:00 P.M.

It is extremely important for each individual at all stages of life to Maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating a nutritious balanced diet, Regular workout or exercise, and a regular sound sleep pattern. Eating a healthy nutritious balanced diet right from childhood is essential for every individual to have a healthy life at all stages of his/her life. These positive health habits, especially help children grow stronger, stay healthy and decrease the chances of developing any disease in the future.

Every macro and micronutrient is required for cognitive as well physical development of children. Noticing the current situations, where there are less fresh organic foods and hazardous environmental conditions with no pure air or water and growing numerous viruses just like Coronavirus, Strong Immunity is very crucial for all. The immune system is made of cells, tissues, proteins, chemicals that work together to protect us against any foreign germ or microorganism. Our immune system requires balance and harmony to function properly. Most of the immune tissue is located within our digestive system. The health of our gut and health of the immune system are linked together. So when our gut bacteria are balanced, our immune system is also balanced.

So a healthy diet plays a very crucial role to improve our immunity to fight against many diseases.

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Webinar Facilitator

Post Graduate in Dietetics and Public health nutrition from the University of Delhi. Is practicing as a dietician since 3 years. Worked in a multi-specialty hospital.

Runs own Diet clinic with the name Healthy diet & Fitness. Founder and owner of a nutritious food product brand- Nourish Diet. Expert in therapeutic diets as well as weight management diet and self-grooming diets. Motivates clients to opt for a healthy lifestyle and follow healthy nutritious diet plans. Conduct diet planning and counseling sessions.

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