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Why Do We Draw

Why Do We Draw

Tulika Dey

16 Apr, 2018

Picking up a crayon and scribing on the walls, on papers and on ever little things in a house is all that are done by a young kid (toddler).We all are taught how to read and write but drawing is a natural instinct that we all are born with. The first thing a growing child does is drawing. Drawing hardly requires any skill or materials for a beginner and there is basically no set pattern or technique for drawing.

Anybody and everybody can draw and we all have drawn something or the other in our lives. What makes us different from apes is our capability to think and when we think creatively, when we are able to think out of the box, we enjoy every little things in life. Some feel good when they draw just like someone who feels good when they communicate (write or read).

Even early men living in caves had been sketching in the stonewalls, coins and products of use. Whereas research psychologists are concerned towards enhancing innovative thinking, clinicalpsychologists sometimes encourage patients to use artistic expression as a wayto confront difficult feelings.

It is a medium throughwhich we bring out our expression, our innate feelings (anger, happiness, sadness,etc). Infact people say that the colours used by painters often determine theirmood while they were undertaking the sketch.

Don't we remember the day dreamer and not so good at studies, 'Ishaan' from 'Taare Zameen Par', was excellent as a painter.