Tips and Technique of Tennis Volley

Tennis volley tips and technique offer some effective solutions for players who want to improve their net game. Tennis volley tips are often applicable for improving the forehand and backhand volley. These tennis volley tips are very important for the overall development of the forehand and backhand volley.

A tennis volley is considered a hit before the ball bounces on the ground. Normally, tennis volley shots are hit when the players are at the net or near the net. Although it is also quite possible to hit this shot near the baseline. However, volleying away from the net is seldom which is used or is only used in various circumstances.

The primary aim of a tennis volley is to surprise your opponent since this shot limits your reaction time of opponent. Thus it is considered as an offensive shot. A tennis volley shot also decreases the bad bounce effect, especially on grass and clay courts. In addition, playing a volley provides you an extensive array of angled shot choices which can be very difficult for your opponent to return. If your opponent does return the ball, normally it is a weak one. To be a successful volleyer you require to have quick reflexes and you require to have perfect hand-eye coordination. Below are some tennis volley suggestions for players seeking to improve the forehand and backhand volley.

The Continental grip is the most commonly applicable to grip by professional tennis players. This grip can be applied for both in a forehand volley and in a backhand volley. This means that you don’t need to change your grip if you use a forehand and a backhand volley alternately. This tip makes this grip more famous than the other grips. Various players use the Eastern forehand grip to hit a forehand volley, but the con of this tennis volley grip is the fact that if you want to hit a backhand volley stroke in your next shot, you require to change your grip to a continental grip.

Tennis Volleys are normally played on the net, therefore it's shot preparation is basically shorter compared to other shots like groundstrokes. This tip makes an appropriate tennis volley preparation crucial. Late preparation can lead to a rushed shot which results in poor executions. One of the most significant tennis volley tips is to be well-prepared by anticipating the shots of your opponent. Another tennis volley preparation tip is to limit the shot choices of opponent or options so that you can react to the ball quickly.


By: Preeti Narula



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