Who are we?

Welcome Student Journalist!

FairGaze is an educational media which materialize its vision by offering an online platform where students can engage with friends; network with minded people and can get answers to their questions.

FairGaze has a deep understanding that each child is unique, and thus we are here for giving an opportunity to young minds for becoming a student journalist, now express your views and get paid and published on our platform.

Why We?

Your talent is wasted if it not reaches to thousands, we will help students like you who have rich content to accomplish this. With a large community of over 3, 00,000 lakh students, you can express, explore and also earn!

Things to be kept in mind!!

  • Topic distribution will be on the basis of first come first selected.
  • Registered student can select any topic of his/her preference.
  • Article should be submitted before the deadline gets over.
  • Headline should be short, crispy and in title case.
  • Article should be of minimum 400 words and maximum 1000 words.
  • It should not be a copy pasted content.
  • All content should be neutral and free of any gender, religion, status, caste, etc.
  • Ensure that level of English is appropriate to be understood by everyone.
  • Content should be simple English (not more than 10-12 words per sentence).

Student Journalist Registration

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