Terms & conditions

Students Scholarship Program is intended to take your talents and skills to the thousands of followers of FairGaze ecosystem. The students with rich content will be able to reach a large community of over 3,50,000 students. This platform allows you to express, explore and also earn!

These are the terms that govern your use of this platform for registering yourself free of cost, uploading your articles with your byline. We intend to use these articles for posting on our digital assets and for every article posted on the portal, the students who authored will be credited with points, which can be redeemed on reaching certain limits. The accumulated points and redemption eligibility will be indicated in the student dashboard.

We use personal data for establishing credentials and verification whether the student registered meets the following parameters:

  • A citizen of India.
  • Currently a school student.
  • Provided proper school ID Card of himself/ herself.
  • Parents Identity proof provided are credible (acceptable ID proof includes Indian Passport, Aadhar Card, Driving license, Voters card).
  • E-Mail Id of student, which will receive account activation, Login id and password information.
  • Parent’s E-Mail Id which will receive a mail requesting their consent on their ward’s Registration in the Students Scholarship Program. Only after receiving Parents’ consent, the FairGaze’s Editorial team will proceed to validate and approve or disapprove the registration of Student.
  • School’s email id to share the achievements of Student to their school.
  • Contact numbers for engaging with student for training, assignments and feedbacks.

Who can register for Students Scholarship Program?

  • He/She must be citizen of India.
  • He/She must be currently a part of School authorized to any recognized board.
  • He/She must be able to read and write in ‘English’.
  • He/She should be tech-savvy.

What students can share?

  • Article content on any of the suggested topic in the student’s dashboard.
  • Copied and plagiarized content is not entertained and will be rejected outright.
  • Content with political, religious ramifications or offensive to any beliefs is not permitted.
  • Students shall not upload any malicious code, or do anything that could disable, overburden or impair the normal working of page.
  • Student shall not access or collect data from other students in the Scholarship Program.
  • FairGaze can remove or restrict access to content that is in violation of any provisions or policies which may be amended periodically without any notice.
  • Promotion of any person, product or institution through content is not allowed.
  • Texts, video interviews and content must be unique and original.

How to stay active in Students Scholarship Program portal?

  • Once the registration is successfully completed, editor will, after verification, either approve or disapprove. If disapproved, then the student may contact FairGaze to check on the possibility of getting approval and, if given positive response, can again use the same email Id and phone number to re-register.
  • Registered students are expected to actively engage with the content on FairGaze portal and social media channels with likes, shares and comments.
  • The topics on which article may be written will be available in the dashboard of the activated account of the Students and only one single topic can be selected at a time.
  • If the article is not submitted within the deadline of 48 hours, then the topic is again made available to other students in the Scholarship Program.
  • The editor will either accept the article for publishing or decline if it does not meet the quality parameters given below.
  • The student journalist will receive an email if the article is approved and set for publishing.
  • The Students who achieve their target will be promoted to next senior level. Click here to know the levels of Students Scholarship Program and respective responsibilities.

Quality parameters for approval of articles:

  • Content must be relevant to topic.
  • Title should be short (less than 80 characters) that motivates viewers to click and read full article
  • Short paragraphs and formatting of text must be visually appealing.
  • An article must be of minimum 250 words.
  • Images uploaded must be related to topic.
  • Plagiarized content is rejected and will invite negative points. These free tools may be used to check if the content is free of plagiarism. (www.smallseotools.com, www.duplichecker.com)
  • Content must be unique, original, own creation and thoughts.
  • Appropriate sentence structure required.
  • Good use of grammar and creatively written content is a must.

Special instructions:

  • Student should actively engage (read, like, share and comment) with content and activities on FairGaze portal and FairGaze social media.
  • He/ She must know the importance of grammar.
  • The content written must be completely original and should have zero plagiarism (edubirdie.com)
  • Student can select any topic of his/ her interest from the list of topics available to write the article on.
  • Once the topic is selected, the student has 48 hours for final submission of the article.
  • Student can request redemption only after reaching the eligibility points indicated in the Student’s dashboard. The reward will be cash equivalent to the credit points scored and approved. The credit points scored need to be genuine. Later, when reporters reach above levels in the Students Scholarship Program, they can start redeeming as per the minimum credit points mentioned in the student dashboard.
  • If the article is declined with negative points due to errors in content, grammar, sentence structure and the content has plagiarism issues, then such declined article will invite negative 12 points.
  • The credit points will be available in the student’s dashboard, which will be visible after login.
  • Editorial Team verifies each point scored and shared for approval. They can anytime approve or decline your request, if found anything false.
  • The reward money is either shared through PayTm or bank account transfer is also available.
  • The redemption request maybe shared any day of the month, but the Editorial Team checks, approves or declines such requests in the first week of each month.
  • The student will then receive the reward money whose credit points are approved in the second week of each month.

Support by FG team:

  • 24x7 support available from FairGaze editorial team.
  • In case of any doubt or issue, mail or contact us on the details on the website.
  • If any guidance is needed, our mentors can visit the student’s school (Delhi NCR) for training, guidance and handholding through the process to develop journalistic skills.
  • All support and engagements are conducted virtually (webinars or other such modes).