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The Superhero Program

Registration Fee: 750

Date: 20th May, 2020 - 26th May, 2020  
6:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M.

Today’s era is full of people who are not mentally fit. We often take mental wellness as one of the least important pointer of our health, but this is actually a pillar that takes care of our physical health too. Nowadays the basic and general humanitarian habits are missing in most of us, people are selfish. We often face a lot of issues due to this behaviour of society.

To cater such issues ‘The Superhero Program’ which is an online inspirational program for future India has come up. The program is specially curated for school kids, young adults and parents. The whole program is based upon an award winning pedagogy which has impresses and touched the lives of more that 500,000 people who are present in both rural and urban India. The whole program is one of its kinds, and has a simple motive to seek inner-inspiration, answering the challenges faced by this generation in achieving good motivation, mental well-being and also inspiration that is not just for students but for the whole family.

The Superhero Program which states that every human being is a superman will be a 7 day online inspirational interaction that will be backed up by thoughts that will provoke discussion and social experiments. Each day of session will comprise of answering of one vital milestone and then further by one signature meditation ‘Inner Light’ which is an inspirational technique.

Webinar Facilitator

Swapnil is one of the youngest specially-abled social reformer in India. A social entrepreneur, writer and founder of 'Livemad', a movement that spreads hope in troubled communities through social inventions, entrepreneurship and love. His work has helped beget Joy in more than 35 regions across underdeveloped and developing economies of the World. A dyslexic and synaesthetic by birth, his work explores the synergy and congruence of human senses and the ability to explore alternative intelligence among people. His social inventions span new-age education systems, healthy living, women safety mechanisms and AIDS prevention.

Swapnil is also one of the youngest change-makers to be featured by Forbes Magazine, The Better India, Himalaya Foundation Award ISB Mohali & Hyderabad and is a case study at UNESCO- MGIEP, Newcastle University, The I Share Hope initiative and University of Tampa, Florida and two under research cases at HBR & Rutgers University. He recently received the State Peace Award by the Govt. of UP & Odisha and a nominee for the Padmashree honor this year. His story is inspiring two documentaries and a biographical feature film.

An avid TED speaker, his talks are a special mission to instill inspiration through the philosophy of Madness, for all those who seek Hope. He can be reached at

benefits of webinar :

The seven milestones that will be catered in 7 days session will be:

  • Day 1: Who are YOU?

    In this milestone the major question which has raised is that what is that parameter which defines us. This question has an ability to permeate us through our individualities and our personal definitions of existence. People might have such thoughts in their minds but they never actually work on developing these thoughts. This day session will help you in building a ground for constructing a strong and fearless foundation.

  • Day 2: Birth of a Wonder

    By birth of wonder it basically means the life beyond fear. Fear has been the ultimate determinant of our all types of deeds. This day will probe to an extent where answering our inherent fears has given us more scope to the confidence and for achieving goals. I also will help us to see inside us and to find our own wonder.

  • Day 3: We are BEYOND!

    This day will be dedicated to the power of discipline, from the social media to an extent of social abuse, we need to understand the science behind addiction.

  • Day 4: The Power within

    Counting our self- powers is another vital aspect. This milestone has a focus on making ourselves more aware of our powers. These are the powers which are not superhuman, but are the ones that make us a better human being.

  • Day 5: Vision of a Superhero

    The day will be dedicated to determining visions and belief systems. Dreams, visions and goals are some of the integral parts that take us towards our path and then to goal. The day will help participants to understand their journey and how they can embrace it.

  • Day 6: Build a Better World

    When we understand our power then comes the power of responsibility. As the common saying goes that with great responsibility comes great power.

  • Day 7: The Path Awakens!

    The last day will comprise of how we can take the learning forward and can implement it. The amazing music based dictated meditation of this day will cement all our learning’s and will help us in remembering the whole 7 day session.

The each day structure will comprise of three steps:

  • STEP I: MILESTONE- Discussion, Concept Explanation & Reason based storytelling.

  • STEP II: INNER LIGHT MEDITATION- To cement the learning, the meditations will be based upon specific milestone.

  • STEP III: MY LIFE BOOK- An exclusive everyday exercise to document the personal learning for the participants and building the guide.

Other Essential parameters to be known about the session-

  • Form of Communication: It will be as verbal speech, AV, lecture, sound and technique

  • Duration: 40 minutes/day adding with meditation of 21 minutes

  • Program Conducted by Swapnil Tewari

  • Classroom Worksheet will be submitted and evaluated by the program team to ensure better learning.

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