Designing your Day's Schedule

Date: 3rd April, 2020  Time: 4:00 P.M.

We slept in one world and woke up in another. Suddenly, Disney has no more magic, Paris is no longer romantic, and in New York everyone sleeps. Suddenly, hugs and kisses have become weapons and not visiting parents and grandparents becomes an act of love.


Suddenly we realized that power is not that valuable and money is not that powerful.

Families together, eating together, crying together, bored together but still are STICKING TOGETHER. What bigger learning can we give to our children than this. COVID 19 gave us the biggest realization of LIFE and that is SURVIVAL AND EVOLUTION. If our children learn to survive and evolve the positive way, we have done our job as parents, teachers and adults. We are the lucky generation who is getting an opportunity to teach our children the law of evolution let’s make the best of it and do a good job as adults.

Come Join me for a webinar on teaching evolution to children.

Teaching them how to spend their time, how to design these days at home to get the maximum benefit out of simple activities that they can take up on daily basis to create an edge in themselves.

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Webinar Facilitator

Dr. Bhavna Chadha is a Post Doctorate {Ph.D. & D. Lit} in Clinical Psychology and Behavior Analytics from University of Delhi. Her Postgraduate Certificate in Psychological Counseling helps her to understand the dynamism of the ever-changing mental health requirements. She holds over 21 years of diverse work experience as a Neuro Clinical Psychologist, teacher, mentor, administrator and a consultant at National and International levels with corporates and academia. She holds subject specializations in Clinical Psychology, Counseling and Consumer Behavior. As a certified Neuro Clinical Psychologist she not only helps clients to identify problems—emotional, mental and behavioral—in their lives but also hand holds them and guides them through the troubled times.

She facilitates a 360-degree approach to grooming professionals in Education, deals with softer issues like personality development and mental health amongst children. In her past corporate role as Vice President {Corporate Relations & Alliances} she spearheaded verticals like Employability (Placements), Incubation Center, Corporate Alliances, International Internships, Alumni Network and Industry Integrated Projects.

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