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Paper Magic

Date: 2nd May, 2020  Time: 4:00 P.M.

Origami is a universal 'magic' suitable for all ages and abilities and can be practiced anywhere as such no tools are required. Transforming a flat piece of paper into a three dimensional is a unique exercise in spatial reasoning. It promotes a feeling of achievement and well-being. The children will develop some origami figures by folding paper in various shapes and designs.

Be a part of this exciting workshop. The workshop will include creating action origami. Children will learn and create folds which further can be used to develop action origami.

In this challenging situation when we have limited resources what can be better than doing Origami. It requires no specific material or tools. Beautiful things can be created by using simple colored, plain or printed papers.

Material required: Square sheets (plain or printed)

'Paper magic' has been one of the most popular arts among children. The Origami art style has grabbed popularity abroad in recent years. Origami is an art that is not only fun but is also beneficial in many ways in the overall child’s development.

Some Educational Benefits of Origami:

  • Behavioural Skills: Origami helps a lot in the regulation of behavioural skills in students.

  • Cooperative Learning

  • A Link to Math

  • Cognitive Development

  • Multi-cultural Awareness

  • Community Building

To be more descriptive, here are some core benefits:

Using fingers while doing origami art improve fine motor skills and brain development

When we do origami we use our fingers for creating specific shapes out of paper. This is the ability to skilfully move our fingers for creating detailed objects. This is an important skill for a child’s development. According to studies children who are good with their fingers tend to be good at other sports and have shown good rhythm and balancing. There is also neurology of having our peripheral nerves in our fingertips, thus fingers are often called our “second brain”. When we use our fingertips for making detailed origami it sends signals to our brain which further makes the activity a great form of exercise/ training of our brain.

Helps in developing imagination and a sense of colour

Origami is a type of art that boosts the imaginative thinking and it requires children that they should figure out how they can reach the final product. Also, the amazing paper magic incorporates the use of many different colors of paper while we create an object and the image is known to often change depending on the colour used.

Also helps in improving concentration and spatial awareness

When we create origami, we use our fingertips for creating detailed objects. This helps a lot in improving concentration. It also requires us to folding various sides of the paper at once, which further helps children while studying maths. Such a high level of concentration while folding various sides of the paper in addition also improves spatial awareness.

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Webinar Facilitator

Asha Gulati is a Delhi-based Origami artist. She is currently teaching in Pearl Academy. Her other teaching stints have taken her to a wide range of institutional settings including schools, colleges, international organisations, galleries and non-governmental institutions working with the under-privileged. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Sanskriti School, British Council Library, Japan Foundation, The Stainless Gallery, Fashionista to name a few. As an artist she has conducted art shows at various art galleries and other places. She has worked for the brands like Louis Vuitton, Taj Group of Hotels, Frazer and Haws and with national and international interior designers.

In 2019 her two of the works have got the space in Limca Book of Records for Longest Origami and Largest Origami tessellation. She has been invited by ICCR to demonstrate her skills to the diplomats from 60 countries. She has received a Certificate of Appreciation by ICCR and NGO Lakshyam. Her works are also included in the blog of IDRA, Washington and has contributed articles to numerous renowned newspapers and magazines. She is bringing the versatility of Origami into various design fields; fashion, product, interior.

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