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Tips to Improve Your Writing Speed in Just 40 Minutes

Date: 12th May, 2020  Time: 4:00 P.M.

As the lockdown has stretched, we have a choice to standstill or to keep moving towards our dreams & ambitions, not letting this lockdown lock our brain. Let’s make the best use of this time and learn a new skill and one of the most important skill is our handwriting. In this webinar you will learn simple techniques to bring legibility and speed in your handwriting.

Learn about the minute details like What is the correct posture? How choice of tools affects the writing? Which tool is best for you? What is doodling. How to place the paper right. Why some students have trouble writing fast and write slow. A lot of tips on speed enhancement, managing concentration level etc. So get ready to Sharpen your skills and make this time the most productive time of your life.

Materials required- Pencil, pen, single line sheets and Newspaper.

Pointers Covered in the Session-

  • Correct sitting posture

  • Choice of pens/pencil

  • Paper placement

  • Why some students writes slow?

  • Tips on speed enhancement

  • What is DOODLING?

  • How to manage concentration level while writing?

Benefits of calligraphy

Calligraphy as a Career offers a one of a kind vocation way to the individuals who are enthusiastic about hues, drawing, and figures, additionally specialists who specialty extravagant contents with furore and intrigue. If you are great at Creativity, Imagination then Calligraphy is the best alternative as a vocation. It is an alternate field that characterizes the specialty of striking and fine content and aesthetic energy with an expressive medium. As confirmed calligraphers, you need to structures masterful engraving for some methods by utilizing an assortment of inks, apparatuses, and other numerous materials. Check underneath the area to pick up data about Opportunities and Future in Calligraphy.

Key Skills

Artistic capacity, inventiveness, manual ability, promoting, relational abilities Calligraphy is helpful for those individuals who have such a large number of aptitudes to accomplish their work consummately and practice normally. As it is a fascinating field individual can adapt effectively in a brief timeframe period. For better craftsmanship, you ought to have had hand-polished which comes after by parcel of exhibitions and giving time.

To be a specialist in this field and being a calligrapher you are required to make delightful thoughts, pictures that may likewise incorporate numerous images, different wonderful letters, and along these lines, it needs part of the energy to accomplish work with your hands. It is important to have an innovative and masterful psyche to show their view and thoughts through workmanship. The creative mind ought to change with change in time and pattern.

Future Possibilities

Calligraphy dynamically incorporating extraordinary zone with different other fields and turned into a significant piece of structure, illustrations, and typography. Calligraphers have additionally been combining calligraphy with different fields, for example, style plan and inside beautification.

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Webinar Facilitator

Nidhi Gupta is a Graphologist and Calligraphist by profession. She have authored several books on Calligraphy and Handwriting Improvement. She have devoted her life to teaching and discovering new ways of calliart. Ms. Nidhi has also founded Likhavat Academy Pvt Ltd in 2008 turning hobby courses to proper career options.

She had worked at St. Stephen's Hospital as a Behaviour therapist and switched to deliver lectures on Nutrition and Stress Management in VLCC Institute. At present she is the owner of 18 franchise centres across Delhi/NCR. Also Serving as Guest lecturer at Miranda house and Khalsa College on Handwriting analysis.

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