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Global Activities For School Education

Date: 26th May, 2020  Time: 5 P.M.

We all are aware of the United Nations and its functions that serve for the betterment of the world. When these United Nations are done at the school or college level, these turn to be called Model United Nations (MUNs). Various MUN bodies are there that give a great platform to all the students where they get a chance to speak, learn, and debate on some deeply entrenched topics of our society. "Model United Nations" or MUN, is basically an extra-curricular activity. In this students role-play delegates and take part in several UN committees.

This pandemic of COVID 19 catastrophe has not only hit India but is an issue that is being fought at a global level. Validation of activities like MUN at the school level is very important to make our youth more aware, informed, and active about the political, physical, and psychological sides of this lockdown. Participating in a MUN casts various benefits on young minds. The MUN program has a direct impact on students as it helps in expanding their overall approach and understanding of this world.

In this webinar session, Ms. Glenda Clark who is an educator, curriculum leader, and head of training focused on skill development spanning UK, Middle-East, and Asia-Pacific will talk about several benefits of MUN and will help in inculcating empathetic approach, imparting some core values and future skills. Ms. Glenda Clark is also the expert in GlenGaze MUN that is a MUN body having unique advantages of the publishing of delegate deliberations in media, further creating a future repository.

Webinar Facilitator

Ms. Glenda Clark brings her experience of over 3 decades as an educator, curriculum leader, and head of training focused on skill development spanning UK, Middle-East, and Asia-Pacific. Having produced numerous winning teams and delegates, Glenda is also one of the knowledge pillars in GlenGaze MUN.

benefits of webinar :

  • Learn about some basic fundamentals of communication which is an important aspect for each of us.

  • Essential Role of MUN in Everyone’s Life

  • Get to know about the impact of COVID 19 on the economy of Indian education

  • Webinar will help in Creating Alert, Active and Responsible Citizens with MUNs (in view of COVID 19)

  • Get to learn how you can focus on skill development and how you can improve public speaking, negotiating, and various other skills by doing MUN.

  • Get a chance to enhance awareness on International affairs and diplomacy

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