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Cultivating Creative Minds

Date: 12 Aug 2020   Time: 04:00 PM

Children are natural innovators with powerful imaginations. In many ways, children’s natural inclination toward creativity is a spiritual gift to be nurtured and learned from and creativity offers a bounty of intellectual, emotional and even health benefits.
But, somewhere our culture is getting shifted from the one that is engaged in a healthy, interactive, imaginative way to the one that is self-absorbed, inactive, and challenging.
The question is, Are we giving our children enough opportunities and freedom to express themselves creatively and explore the world around them?

Join me for an enriching webinar where we will explore the importance of nurturing creativity in a child’s life and create special magical moments for our children to nurture creative mindset in them.

Webinar Facilitator

benefits of webinar :

  • This webinar will equip parents with insights and proven strategies to cultivate a sense of creativity in children.
  • This webinar will provide parents with a clear roadmap to help children tap into their unlimited potential and make powerful choices that lead to empowerment.
  • This webinar will help young children develop a growth mindset to think creatively, find ways to express their ideas, and have experiences that build their confidence in their growing problem-solving abilities.

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