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30 Sep 2021
05:00 PM

About this webinar

Insights Into Entrepreneurship- Workshop 1

This free workshop is organized for young school students to learn problem solving and critical thinking skills while also helping them in their journey to becoming an entrepreneur.

A lot of people dream about being entrepreneurs. For some, this journey starts very young- either when they are in school or pursuing their higher education. It all starts with an idea. However, it’s not always a cakewalk because that idea needs research as well as execution.

If we do a little study, we can see that jobs that existed decades ago are no longer available in the current situation. New technologies are advancing every day in the turbulent and dynamic market, and the current generation is heading towards an uncertain future. It may take years to learn a particular trade or expertise, but it may vanish from the market over time, wreaking havoc on students' careers. Learning about entrepreneurship will always leave one door open for venturing into if things do not go as planned.

Entrepreneurship education fosters creativity, problem-solving skills and instills communication and sales skills, enhances leadership skills and provides basic life skills to students. It also prepares them for an uncertain future. With a lot of young people who wish to be entrepreneurs, the process stops at idea generation as the journey ahead seems difficult and confusing.

This workshop is the first one in the series of two episodes that aims to educate young students who wish to be thriving entrepreneurs. It will be a great learning session for everyone who wishes to know more about starting the journey of entrepreneurship and understand the nitty gritty of starting from an idea and going upto execution.

These workshops will also unravel a huge opportunity for students to participate in Eureka! Junior 2021, an platform for all young students who wish to be entrepreneurs and even have a great idea.

Eureka Junior


Mr. Vinay

Mr. Vinay Entrepreneur & Business Development Mentor

Vinay is a Technocrat turned Entrepreneur & Business Development Mentor with over 15 years of experience in providing coaching & mentoring for setting up Global Business that runs with minimal efforts which help in providing a balance of financial prosperity and freedom. Expertise in mentoring people to develop a low-cost Information Age business model by educating them with "SUCCESSFUL HABITS".

He believes that success is a result of daily habits & not once in a lifetime transformations. Vinay is creating a massive network of
entrepreneurs, teachers, trainers, coaches, mentors and everyone who is an educator in any form. He is helping them in scaling up their business & network with the assistance of information age business model. He is always on the look out for Smart, Humble & Accountable candidates who aspire to learn practical business skills, to work on a business model that does not involve major financial risk but has potential to help them achieve financial freedom through leveraging.

Benefits Of Webinar

  • Get your basics cleared about entrepreneurship
  • Learn about problem discovery and idea generation
  • Students will learn about the various risk factors that may pose as hurdles in their entrepreneurial journey
  • Learn about the various benefits that entrepreneurship has.
  • Learn the difference between an opportunity and an idea
  • Get your query answered by engaging and interacting directly with our mentor.