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Cultivating Happiness for Mental Well-being

Date: 28 Sep 2020   Time: 04:00 PM

Happiness for mental, emotional , physical well-being is very essential. Our brains are wired to see and recall the things that aren't right. It's an endurance instrument that helps protect our cavern abiding progenitors in this present reality where there are numerous physical dangers. Be that often adds to pressure and unhappiness.

While we can't change our nature, we can train our brains to be more positive. This doesn't mean putting on a smiley face and whistling a happy tune regardless of what's happening. You don't need to disregard reality or imagine things are great in any event, when they're most certainly not. Obviously, the quest for happiness isn't all daylight and rainbows and cups of tea and grinning kids. Some of the time we have to handle our instabilities and shortcomings, and we can't simply overlook our depleting occupations and annoying family members. Yet, the practices here speak to the opposite side of the coin, the one we frequently disregard: seeing, acknowledging, and activating the great.

Webinar Facilitator

 Ms. Fakeera is a coach of freedom and deconditioning. She believes in the self, in giving and receiving happiness. She conducts amazing sessions to coach people of diverse backgrounds to be happy, to know more about the self, to widen perspective.

benefits of webinar :

  • It will help you understand the importance of keeping a positive approach in life.
  • Attend this webinar to also gain a fair idea on the different ways of viewing one situation and also dealing with it.
  • This webinar will be beneficial as we need some time out of our study-from-home and work-from-home schedules to pamper our own minds and hearts.
  • This webinar will also be enriching as we will learn how simple things can act as a catalyst to cultivating happiness.
  • The webinar will also throw light on how a change in attitude and approach to life and people around us can help us become happier.
  • The webinar will make you understand the importance of happiness as how everything else is linked to a person’s level of happiness in life.