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Handling Stress during Challenging Times

Date: 24 Aug 2020   Time: 04:00 PM

Times are changing and we are already into a New Normal. In such a situation where the world is going through disruptive changes, it’s important to understand how these changes impact us and our family and how we can, not only keep our mind balanced but take decisions that help us to move forward. This session would be a pointer in that direction. IN addition to understanding the cause of stress, we would dive deeper into a concept called the Pain Gain equation to understand the roots of our personal Pain and Fear (Stress Quadrants) and how to mitigate them so that we can live a stress-free life.

Webinar Facilitator

He helps individuals and business owners do WELL in LIFE.

 He conducts Workshops on Health and Wellness that is aimed at creating a change in the mindset and attitude of the individuals. He also does one on one Mentoring and also consulting on Energy healing for self and Business.

He has been practicing energy healing (Pranic Healing) over 7+ years and is a Postgraduate in Management.

 He is currently one of the Training Directors of the BNI – CBDA region and trains BNI members on various subjects that help business owners to be successful and make more money!

He is also a member of the Board of Studies for Anna University for their Management programs in Tamilnadu.

Some of his popular signature workshops are:

  • Magic of the Mind
  • Stress Mitigation at the workplace
  • Mind Leadership
  • Mindfulness at Workplace
  • Healthy Living and Work-life integration
  • From Pain 2 Gain 

benefits of webinar :

  • Understanding the biology of stress
  • Effects of stress on our body
  • The Pain – Gain equation
  • Mitigating stress
  • Working together to handle stress

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