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28 May 2021
04:00 PM

About this webinar


This session marks the conclusion of a well-sought campaign on Menstrual Hygiene initiated by FairGaze in association with India Is Us. This webinar aims to engage all the contributors of the campaign through an insightful interaction with our eminent speaker- Mr. Vivek Atray. The objective of the World Menstrual Hygiene Campaign has been not only to impart awareness around menstrual hygiene practices but also to normalize periods in every household and bust age-old, problematic myths associated with menstruation.

Apart from other factors, what also deters the growth of a nation is the lagging mindset of its people. A menstrual cycle or period is as normal as any other thing under the sun and therefore the taboo associated should be eliminated so that women can have more conversations, learn more things around it and speak up. This webinar seeks to touch on all the integral points associated with menstruation and sustainable hygiene.

The campaign is framed keeping in mind the fact that there is still a lot of shame, stigma, and disgust attached to a woman’s period, even in educated households. This webinar will act as a concluding standpoint that it is now time for a change. It is time that men are equally aware of menstruation as are women. What needs purity is not women in their period, but our mindset. 

Attend this session to hear from our eminent speaker- Mr. Vivek Atray-Ex-IAS, Motivational Speaker, Author, Mentor, Advisor, Columnist, and Visiting Professor.


Webinar Facilitator

Mr. Vivek Atray Ex-IAS, Motivational Speaker, Author, Mentor, Advisor, Columnist, and Visiting Professor

A staunch believer in imparting emotional intelligence in children, Mr. Atray has contributed to Ted Talks and Josh Talks sharing his deep knowledge and experience. A regular speaker at the various prestigious forums, he shares his thoughts and expertise on Leadership, Good Governance, Emotional Intelligence, Life Skills, People Skills, Public Speaking Skills, Meditation, Calmness, Entrepreneurship, Education & Sports Management.

He has inspired thousands of youngsters, helping them to adopt a cheerful, positive, and multi-dimensional approach to their lives.

Benefits Of Webinar

  • Be a part of this session to know about the current scenario on menstruation and problematic beliefs. 
  • The session will point out the stigma attached to a woman’s period and some myths that seriously need busting. 
  • Get the opportunity to listen to our eminent speakers, Mr. Vivek Atray and Ms. Geetika Jain. Hear them share their insights on taboo elimination and awareness around menstruation. 
  • The session will be an enriching one as it will be a great opportunity to learn about sustainable menstrual hygiene practices. 
  • This session will throw light on SDG-3 Good Health And Well Being and how menstrual hygiene for women deserves a huge space in everyday conversations.