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Making of adolescents into artisans

Making of adolescents into artisans

Bhagyalakshmi Padaki, Editor, Fairgaze

19 May, 2016

Making of adolescents into artisans

Once the parents admit their children to the school, they will start focusing only on their academic performances. They normally tend to shift their attention from their wards’ pranks and funs to their scholastic achievements. They view and review his or her role as a student than as a child with talents. In the modern world, by the time when children go to 5th or 6th standard, they are immersed in their formal learning process. There is hardly any time and energy for them to look into their hobbies, interests, talents and skills. Hence, the parents should identify their children’s passions and potentialities at an early age. As the saying goes- ‘Catch them young’ holds good with the children’s potential …….When the kids are into pranks and plays, observe them carefully in which activity they are good at. Provide them materials and let them exhibit their talents in their own way without any guidance. Try this repeatedly. Your child may be multi-talented. After this ‘diagnosis’, make a list of your child’s latent talents.

For all the talents a child has, parents or teachers can not guide them. It requires special training. Hence, it is always better to send the children to various types of classes conducted by professionals. The art classes, music-dance, etc., can make children amplify their interests, skills, passions, hobbies, and talents. The skills the children are learning today can become their profession one day. Make the adolescents into artisans.

Due to the present day life style, the world is becoming more and more competitive. People are running after materialistic comforts. It is only when they want to relax, they realise the need and value of arts and culture. Arts and culture not only give entertainment to the strained bodies but also rejuvenate energy levels. The artistic expressions such as music, drama, dance, drawing-paintings, sculptures, and literary expressions such as stories, poems and discussions can expand the creative minds of the children thereby making them perfect personalities.

Arts always broaden the hearts, when hearts are broadened, the body and mind go hand in hand. Hence, the adolescents should be encouraged to take up arts and flourish not only as artisans, but also as perfect human beings.