FairGaze as the School Media Partner for Eureka! Junior 2020

13 Oct, 2020

FairGaze as the School Media Partner for Eureka! Junior 2020

Summary: FairGaze partnered with The Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay as the School Media Partner for Eureka! Junior 2020 to outreach Indian students globally.

New Delhi, October 13, 2020: FairGaze has partnered as the School Media Partner for Eureka! Junior 2020 an initiative of E-Cell, IIT Bombay for promoting entrepreneurship among school students to shape the future of our country. E-Cell IIT Bombay is Asia’s Largest Entrepreneurship-Promoting Student Organisation. Through a series of initiatives, they aim to support and promote entrepreneurship in the youth. They have a reach of over 6000+ start-ups, 1,60,000+ students and 90,000+ professionals in over 900 cities in India and abroad.
Eureka! Junior is a young initiative, which aims to encourage students into creative problem-solving and idea generation. Nearly 2,000 students from across the country have participated in the competition this year and the number is rising steadily. Eureka! Junior consists of 6 major phases, spanning a breadth of nearly 7 months. Students of Classes 6-12 can participate in this competition which has 2 tracks, one for students of Classes 6-9 and another for those of Classes 10-12.

These Phases have been outlined below:
Phase 1: Preliminary Workshops- Series of free online workshops in schools across the country to provide students with basic knowledge of entrepreneurship.
Phase 2: National Entrepreneurship Olympiad consisting of 2 different Question Papers for the 2 tracks, one for Classes 6th-9th and another for Classes 10th-12th.
Phase 3: Registrations will only be accepted online mode until 25th October 2020. While registering, students have to fill out their idea through a Questionnaire. The top 70 teams in each track will become the semi-finalists, based on their idea and their answers to the Questionnaire.
Phase 4: Preliminary Submission- The semi-finalists are required to create a pitch deck before attending the Advanced Workshop, which the participants need to submit in .pptx.
Phase 5: Advanced Workshop- The semi-finalists will have the opportunity to attend an Advanced Workshop for a more advanced understanding of entrepreneurship.
Phase 6: Finals- The finalists will be invited to E-Summit, the flagship event of The Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay to pitch their idea to a panel of judges and the winners will receive prizes and other incentives.

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Registration Link & Guide: https://fairgaze.com/eureka-entrepreneurship-competition-by-iit-bombay.html