FairGaze’s Media Coverage At The Winter Carnival of Bharat National Public School

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

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Carnival time has its own joys and happiness as it brings with it fun and frolic that lingers on in the minds, even days after the event is over. Children look forward to it with great anticipation, planning how to take advantage of every minute to share and enjoy with their friends! Parents find it a way to release themselves from their moribund daily routine and this serves as a blessing in disguise to be with their children, which is so essential these days! They also seize the opportunity to spend time along with their kith & kin to have a’ good time ‘! BNPS, in keeping with the need for a healthy and peaceful association and also to foster a cordial relationship amongst all its (BNPS) family members, tries to find ways and means to bring together all its august members! The ‘WINTER CARNIVAL’ presents the right platform for this noble purpose. This also opens portals of opportunities for young aspiring journalists and reporters to try out their talents in the field of linguistics, creativity and spokesman-ship as the pieces of extracts of the interviews conducted by them would testify to their potential!

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