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Interview with Mr. Debangshu Ganguly

Interview with Mr. Debangshu Ganguly


02 Mar, 2017

Mr. Debangshu Ganguly brings with him 27+ years of experience in Media Marketing, Event Management and Social development sector. He came into developmental sector as a choice and not by compulsion, 17 years back.  He has contributed sustainability and capacitated many NGOs through his innovative and creative approach. CSR came into limelight few years back but this man is advocating the corporate fraternity to collaborate with the social development for more than 12 years. His work was recognized during 2013 and was nominated in the advisory committee to frame the final CSR policy of India , by PIC  and IICA. He worked with organisations like WWF-India, Consumer VOICE, Heomophlia Society of India, FISME and Headed the Country on Strategic Partnership at Caritas India and Don Bosco Society of South Asia. At present he is working as a consultant to many non-profit organisation and teaching CSR to the corporate and few MBA Institutions. He was awarded as “ MENTOR” of the year by NDIM during 2015. Let;s find out more about Mr. Ganguly.

What are your major successes or accomplishments in your fieldwork?

The notable contribution, what I feel, is bringing in strategic thinking in the development sector. The infusion of a professional approach bred the path of sustenance among the social development organizations. The innovative and creative strategies changed the game from charity seekers to social impact provider.  Also working hard towards the generation of local funds. As a Corporate Social Responsibility evangelist, preaching and practicing the Corporate Partnership in this sector, is a structured mode. Now when I look back, I feel happy to see lot of self sustained program, resulting to more benefits to the people in need.

Since you are also a part of several NGOs that requires a lot of independent thinking and initiative and there is minimal supervision, how do you balance the work?

Actually speaking, if you enjoy your work, you do not have to balance anything, all falls in place of its own. Yes I do agree, the supervision is minimal, but there is immense mentorship involve in this arena.  Supervision is nothing but ultimate use of human management. It is a choice between being a boss or a leader. I succeeded probably because I always opted for the second.  I feel the mantra that work in every field, is to get involve to what you are doing. And you need to love your work to get involved.

How do you handle work pressure?

There is no set formula for that. It all depends on the situation. Some time a small break from core agenda works as miracle.  Lots of laughter and light moments at the work place also contribute to lighten the pressure. Music plays a vital role on this issue sometimes. But if one can structure its assignment, the pressure can be avoided. I personally feel that pressure do not exist, it is our internal anxiety that creates the pressure. So the best remedy is to be calm and take out the urgent out of the important and deal with it. Climb one mountain at one time, while plan for the next.

According to you, does education play an important role for a positive society?

Yes I am a firm believer on that. But most of the time we get confused between the education and literacy. Literacy is only one tool but education is the holistic development of the personality. It all start at home, and it is drill that one need to repeat till it peculates inside and develops as habit. Proper and quality education is the only solution for all social evils.

How can disappointments/failures be taken positively for a successful career?

 I personally feels that the there is no failure; it is only success and learning.  So it is wiser to analyze the cause of the failure and improvise.  Failures are the greatest teachers, if we can handle them. While paving career path, one needs to understand that everyone have its own potential. One must find their potential and sharpen the same to achieve the perfection. Success will follow for sure. We fail most of the time because we try to walk on the path of others.  I can tell you from my personal example; I failed many times when I tried to imitate others while pursuing my career. But then I realized, I am so different from them and my cause of happiness is different from them. And once I understood this, I never worked a single day; I started enjoying my work. 

Does communication make learning easier and increases opportunities for students?

Communication plays critical role in learning.  I am sure if you recall your school days, you will find that you were good in the subject if the teacher is good. That is because the communication style of that particular teacher is different from the others. It is a proven fact that the interest of a student can be enhanced with proper communication tools. So the communication needs to based on “how they want it “and not “how we want it”.

Is it important for students to have a mentor who can guide them for their future?

It is almost mandatory to have a mentor for a student to achieve his/her learning.  The student cannot see their hidden potentials and start walking on the path that is being prescribed by the parents. A good mentor can see the dormant potential or talent of the student and mould them accordingly. History gives us the testimony that the biggest achievers are carved by the mentors.

Do you believe that listening is equally important as speaking to guide children for a right career path?

Listening is the most important element of communication. Even nature created us with that in mind. We have got two ears and one mouth that is the indication that we have to listen twice than we speak. So in the case of guiding a student, we need to listen properly. The more the student speaks, it is better to understand the student. Every small little word needs to be listened carefully.

In your opinion how can social responsibility help children to grow into mature adults?

The social responsibility creates a better world to live in. Care and concern for others is the only gift that we can give to the society for a blissful life. Stronger bond among us makes us strong. So it is imperative to have the concern and helping attitude towards the others for a productive society. If this thought goes into a child, the child not only grows into a better human being, but also helps to create a better generation for the future.     

How do you give your bit to support Education?

I feel it is my duty to share my experiences with the next generation. The learning and challenges that I faced and overcame. The best way to give them is to show them by examples.  Try to motivate them for the value education. Be part of them and spend good time with them. But the best thing that I can contribute is to share the experience and knowledge I have acquired during my journey of life.