A Fresh Discovery on Origin of Black Holes

Editorials News | Aug-10-2016

A Fresh Discovery on Origin of Black Holes

As per the study, collapsing of a gas cloud can lead to the formation of a black hole suggests a computer program. A violent death of a star is generally the cause of the black hole. Aaron Smith, an Astronomer at the University of Texas at Austin and former member of the team that developed a computer program to test this idea suggested a black hole is the more likely explanation. As hypothesis goes, galaxy harbors the first known black hole to form when a blob of gas between the stars collapsed under its own weight.

According to the study, the computer impacts the state that would have been present. The gas between the stars that is the interstellar gas is being the focal point of the computer model. As per this theory, the rough radiation from the primordial stars or as we call it a black hole would have acted with gas. The light emitted from the accumulation of hot young stars cannot justify the curious feature of the galaxy.

However, the study cannot attest as per now that the galaxy has a black hole and astronomers are still trying to find the evidence that a black hole is forming out of clouds and that have not given rise to the stars so far. Uncovering the facts of such kind could aid to sort out a major issue of the super massive black holes created in the cosmos.

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