Are You a Mathematics Champ?

Editorials News | Sep-19-2016

Are You a Mathematics Champ?

A new study by researchers from University of Texas, US has announced that students who can solve advanced level mathematics have higher chances to migrate.  According to a data developed by the researchers showed that people who did well in their academics and had control over their future were migrated.


The study also revealed that students who do well academically have more chances to travel to other countries for work. According to the study these mathematics champs work in labour market among other college educated personnel.


It has also been found that students who get success in their high school by achieving good percentage and performed well were more likely to migrate. The study proved and indicated through student’s score cards and through their Grade Points Average as well.


Researchers have also said that people who do well in their academic performance can write their own future. Analysts also added that students who ranked 68th percentile of locus of control were 3% more likely to migrate than those who ranked 50th percentile.



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