Jupiter’s Birth Took Place in First Million Years

Editorials News | Jun-16-2017

Jupiter’s Birth Took Place in First Million Years

In the first million years of our solar system, the Giant Planet Jupiter extended its solid core. Thus, it became the first planet to form.  The presence of this early bloomer can explain why the inner planets of solar system are so small. It possibly may be responsible for Earth’s existence too.

Previous studies explained Jupiter’s age through the formation of solar system in general. Jupiter is a gas giant which accumulates gas from spinning discs of gas and dust surrounding a young star. Thomas Kruijer, researcher at the University of Münster in Germany said that now they can use actual data to show early formation of Giant Planet Jupiter.

Researchers studied some of the small meteorites to know about the biggest objects of solar system. The meteorites were those lying between Mars and Jupiter but took birth somewhere else. 

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