Train in India Sets New Record at 180 kmph

Editorials News | Jul-14-2016

Train in India Sets New Record at 180 kmph

A lightweight Spanish-made Talgo train broke the record by running at the speed of 180kmph between Mathura and Palwal, on Wednesday. The train covered a distance of 86km in 39 minutes. The trial was supervised by engineers from Talgo and Research Design & Standards Organisation, Lucknow. The record was previously held by Gatima- an Express, at 160kmph.

“Today’s successful achievement is a major milestone in the history of railways and it takes us closer to our dreams of having high-speed train service on the existing railway tracks,” said Dilip Kumar Singh, Additional Divisional Railway Manager (ADRM) of Agra. He also added that the next trial would have sandbags on the seats to stimulate passenger weight, and will aim at top speed of up to 220kmph. It will be conducted between Mumbai and New Delhi.

The first phase of trials was held from May 29, and the coaches were pulled at speeds between 80 and 115 kmph, between Bareilly and Moradabad.