Example Is Better than Percept

We are in the habit of giving sermons to others. People advise others on any issue that comes up. Before we tender advice to others we should introspect ourselves. It is said saying and doing are two different things. It is easy to say but difficult to do, to perform. It requires courage and efforts. When we say something or give instructions to others, it must be done practically. For example- a loving father tells his children to rise early but he never gets up before 9 am. He sets a bad example for his children. What we learn through our eyes create a deep impression on our mind. What we hear through ears may be forgotten. A precept is an order or a command. We learn to do a thing by watching someone, especially the preceptors, doing it. The example of a good man has more effect on us than good advice. A man must practice what he preaches to impress others. So in crafts, technical education is not picked up from books. The learner must go into the carpenter’s shop, the smithy etc as they actually do their tasks before him. Nowadays children are very observant. They notice very quickly whether their father does himself what he teaches them. He teaches them that it is wrong to tell lie, but he himself is untruthful, his teaching will have little effect. Children copy their parents. If the parents are really honest, truthful, kind and unselfish, or if they are dishonest, selfish and harsh, their children will imitate them. So at last, I would conclude my words by saying that practical examples are more helpful in learning something.

Bhavika Sabharwal

Tagore Public school

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