Understanding Sleep

If you 'd like to know how to sleep better, then you're right.
The guide will take you through what you need to know to get better sleep.
I'm going to explain the science of sleep and how it works, explore why many people suffer from sleep deprivation without understanding it and provide practical tips to get better sleep, and have more energy. Plain and simple, this guide has the purpose of explaining the science of how to better sleep. To move to a specific section you can click the links below, or simply scroll down to read everything.
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Sleeping is the first intention of restoration. The brain accumulates metabolic waste every day, as it conducts its normal neural activities. Although this is entirely natural, too much concentration of these waste products has been linked with neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's.
Okay, so how are we getting rid of metabolic waste? Recent research has suggested that every night sleep plays a crucial role in cleaning the brain out. Although these toxins can be flushed out during waking hours, researchers found that sleep clearance is as much as twice as fast as waking hours. The way this cycle happens is very striking: In fact, during sleep, brain cells shrink by 60 percent, making it easier for the brain's waste-removal system—called the glymphatic system—to basically "clean out the garbage." The result? During the night, your brain is healed, and you wake up refreshed and with a clear mind. Rest is important for memory consolidation, which is the mechanism that makes the long-term memories stronger and stronger. Insufficient or incomplete sleep will prevent both objective memories (facts and figures) and emotional memories from forming.

By: Sushmita Kumari Jha

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