School Students Share Mental Health Issues in FairGaze Campaign #LetsOpenUp

12 Oct, 2020

School Students Share Mental Health Issues in FairGaze Campaign #LetsOpenUp

Summary: As part of Mental Health Day initiative, FairGaze campaign #LetsOpenUp aimed at spreading awareness on Mental Health and Well-Being saw huge participation from students and parents. As World Mental Health Day is celebrated on October 10th, FairGaze in association with Lamdon Model Senior Secondary School, Ladakh; Delhi Public School, Gautam Budhha Nagar and S.D. Public School Pitampura joined together to spread awareness, engage students in sharing their stories and encourage seeking assistance from counsellors.

New Delhi, November 12 2020: FairGaze campaign for Mental Health organized various webinars and engagements from October 3-9, 2020, dedicating the entire week to Mental Health and Wellness. The campaign witnessed a three-stage process to accomplish not only spread awareness but also take effective action by extending a helping hand. The Awareness stage began with a well-being webinar hosted online by FairGaze on October 5, 2020. The webinar threw light on the ways in which mental illness may persist even if it may not be have any ‘physical’ signs. Our webinar facilitator Dr.Madhumati Singh, Practicing Psychologist and Director at FairGaze told the children that mental disorders are not only restricted to adults but children go through it as well. FairGaze witnessed huge participation with many children and their parents joined in this initiative.

Keeping in mind that the world has seen a disturbing and rising trend of suicides among young children as per data from National Crime Records Bureau, FairGaze focused the next stage on ‘Sharing, Engagement and Interaction’.Through an interactive engagement programme, students were encouraged to submit their stories of fear and battles through text, video or interview. Thousands of entries were received from children from various schools across India.

To lend an ear and help children was the ultimate motive of the initiative which was accomplished during the third stage of ‘Intervention’ with a special episode of Coffee With Counsellors on October 9, 2020 at 5 P.M. with the counsellor Dr. Madhumati Singh, who took up these stories and engaged with the children with advice and suggestions. Many students came up and poured their hearts out and asked Dr. Madhumati about various issues and fears they had.

The interaction with the students as well as parents helped them understand the importance of opening up and speaking about their feelings. Dr. Madhumati, answering the queries and problems of the children said, “It is important to take care of the ‘headquarters’, rest follows with that.” Answering another query, Dr. Madhumati suggested that families which do not follow an authority structure tend to be positive and happy. Dr. Madhumati Singh took many queries from parents who expressed their opinions on the Facebook Live Session.

The campaign turned out to be hugely successful as FairGaze with youngsters who opened up with their stories of fear, fighting back, strength and resilience. This initiative helped many unspoken queries and feelings to come out and encouraged many parents and students to understand the importance of talking about issues rather than suppressing it.

With the campaign #Let’sOpenUp, FairGaze gave a platform for young children to open up and talk about their fears and anxieties. The fears and anxieties shared were an indication of the impact created by the campaign.

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