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Unknown Facts to be Known about Cleopatra

It was on August 12th, 30 B.C. that the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra took her own life. She conducted this attempt inside a mausoleum in Alexandria. The Egypt’s last independent pharaoh was engaged in ruthless power struggles with her siblings.

She battled for the future Roman emperor and was also engaged in military alliances. The Queen of the Nile is still remembered as one of the most brilliant and mysteriously fascinating figures on antiquity. Cleopatra was born in Egypt but her family origins can be traced back to Macedonian Greece and Ptolemy I Soter who was one of Alexander the Great’s generals. Cleopatra was not just known for her beauty but also for her intellect. The Queen was able to speak a dozen languages and also received education in mathematics, philosophy, oratory and astronomy.

The Egyptian resources described her as a ruler who elevated the ranks of scholars and enjoyed their company. Historians reported that coins with her portrait displayed her with manly features that symbolize strength.


By: Bhavna Sharma