12 Ways To Learn Better

Education News | Jun-04-2021

12 Ways To Learn Better

Too much to learn in so little time? Use these 12 techniques to improve your brain’s learning capacity.

1)The brain warm-up – The brain is a muscle and just like any other muscle before putting it to use, it’s always a good idea to have a little warm-up to wake up the brain and get it functioning properly.

2)Create an agenda - Creating a structure for your learning time can help you reduces stress and increase your focus. It will also help in organizing your mind and align your learning goals.

3)Use multiple learning methods – One learning method does not work for everyone or everything, so it’s important to use the right method for the right content. Using multiple learning methods also activates more regions of the brain, leading to better interconnections among the different brain sectors.

4)Build up practical experience – Practical experience of the subject is a great way to boost learning and improving your studying.

5)One Task at a Time – According to studies, multi-tasking acts as a roadblock to the learning process. Focusing on one task at a time will reduce the time taken to complete and also improve efficiency.

6)Test yourself regularly - Regular self-tests help you know the areas you are lacking and what you need to focus on. It also helps you realize what areas have been learned and don’t need to spend more time on them.

7)Reward system – Reward acts as a motivating factor to learn faster and better. It improves memory function through the release of dopamine in the brain, meaning little incentives can go a long way.

8)Don’t Cram – Cramming works on a short-term basis. Spacing out the learning and learning in chunks is an effective way for learning on a long-term basis.

9)Regular break - Short but regular break is a great way of learning and retaining information. One such method is the 40—20 method, where you study for 40 mins followed by 20 mins of downtime.

10)Brain Train Programmes - Interweb is full of programs to train your brain to help improve your memory and recall speed.

11)Turning words into imagery – According to learning experiments, some people have a better visual imagery recall and thus find it better to recall images rather than words.

12)Variety – Varying the study sessions is a great way for keeping the learning experience fun and interesting. It also prevents your brain from switching off during the learning process.

By: Deeksha Goyal

Content- https://infographicsarchive.com/discover-your-learning-style/

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