5 Facts About Ramayana

Education News | Aug-02-2020

5 Facts About Ramayana

1. Ramayana is an epic that usually maintains on captivating humans even to them who recognize less about it. It is an enormous treasure house of statistics and information approximately Lord Rama and it's miles not possible for all people to understand everything. When it involves Ramayana, there’ll be rarely everybody of the Hindu religion who might have not heard approximately the epic. However, there are numerous things on this scripture that are neither advised to all of us and also human beings have not paid any interest to it. This epic is filled with innumerable interesting facts.

2. Everyone is aware of it become Manthara on whose recommendation Kaikeyi sought Rama's exile. It is stated that once Sri Rama changed into a child, He once playfully hit Manthara's droop back with His play toy and that Manthara sought revenge through Kaikeyi.

3. When Sri Rama and Seetha had been living inside the forest, that they had a swimming race in a lake wherein Lakshmana became the referee. Rama changed into initially swimming quicker than Seetha. When He realized she turned into unable to preserve up with His velocity, He then voluntarily slowed down and let her finish first. He later informed Lakshmana that He always wants to see her win and be satisfied.

4. When Sugriva became sending his military in all directions to look for Seetha, Hanuman, a Brahmachari, turned into sitting tired of a corner, questioning it is unbecoming of a Prince to be as a result fed on by means of sorrow for a girl. Rama wanted him to understand the worth of Seetha with the aid of making him meet her first. Hence Rama selected Hanuman to move south in search of Seeta.

5. It turned into a time for Rama and Lakshmana to go back to Vaikunta. Yama got here in the cover of a rishi and asked to fulfill Rama in non-public. He additionally put in a circumstance that all people who intrude on their privacy should be given a loss of life sentence. Lakshmana turned into a given the mission of manning the gates at the same time as Sri Rama and Yama engaged in their dialogue. Just then Rishi Durvasa came to fulfill Rama and demanded that he be let in right now. Failing which, he threatened to ruin the whole city of Ayodhya. Lakshmana decided it's miles better to simply accept the death sentence than to allow the metropolis to get destroyed. Hence he entered Sri Rama's chamber while He becomes speakme to Yama. Rama needed to supply dying sentence to His loved Lakshmana, so He sought advice from their Kula guru Sage Vashishta. Sage Vashishta then advised Rama that disowning a cherished one is equivalent to a loss of life sentence. So Sri Rama then needed to disown Lakshmana, who subsequently left for Vaikunta.

By-Shubhi Singh

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