5 Tips to Become a Good Learner

Education News | Dec-03-2020

5 Tips to Become a Good Learner

Being a good learner is key to being a successful learner in our school years and above. Proper learning techniques are very crucial to understand and see which one suits us the best. Here are a few tips to be a successful learner. 

Write things down: We should not think that we will remember everything. Sometimes, there is so much workload that we tend to forget a few things. That’s what journals and planners are for. Even if we think we will remember things we should still write them just in case.

Take notes: Many people take this habit for granted. This is an essential and useful tip that helps you understand everything from, chapters to important mathematical formulas to translations for your other languages! I have personally found that writing things helps me understand and memorize the chapters better than just listening to the lecture. 

Schedule your days: Scheduling your days can help you remain organized because you will know what to do when. Scheduling doesn't mean to schedule every single minute of the day, but just scheduling the working hours of our days. And we must remember that if we are not able to complete a specific task as per our schedule, it's ok. Not everything can go as planned, just relax and do our work with all our heart.

Keep a good posture while studying: Many people take this habit for granted, but maintaining a good body posture is very important. Otherwise, we can have backaches and back problems. A good posture also increases your mood and increases your concentration. 

Be organized: Being organized not only decreases your time trying to find your supplies but also decreases your chances of doing last-minute work. We can write down all our homework, assessments, and projects with their deadlines. This helps us to remember to finish our work before the deadline. 

These are the 5 tips I give to everyone and have personally helped me in my school life. Now, I would like to end with this quote by Malcolm X: “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Ishana Rajnish
Delhi Public School, Gautam Buddh Nagar

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