A Cohesive Vision for Education

Education News | Feb-22-2021

A Cohesive Vision for Education

As the vision statement provides the ideas regarding the learning process and therefore the future outcomes for all students, the vision statement developed for my school demonstrates stress on the tutorial success of all students. Additionally, my vision statement is predicated not only on the relevant instructional knowledge but also on the appreciation of diversity, supported by the established ELCC standards. Here is an example of the vision for my school: We are aimed at providing an efficient, inspiring learning environment, during which the team of well-trained, creative, and enthusiastic teaching staff could ensure top quality teaching practices in well-resourced school settings to satisfy the requirements of our students in partnership with their parents, city governors, the Local Education Authority (LEA) and therefore the community. We offer a good range of extracurricular activities which will help students to develop the right self-study skills and self-esteem, enhancing their interests and hobbies. Many accredited courses can help students to enhance their learning opportunities and faculty achievements during a caring, supportive, and friendly environment, which fosters positive relationships supported the responsible behavior. Our college prepares boys and girls to move in their lives, addressing the stress and opportunities of the twenty-first century. We provide a differentiated curriculum to our students supported by the state standards and therefore the established learning goals. Our students should be assessed for his or her individuality, creativity, culture, values, and heritage. They ought to have a chance to develop their full potential during a successful, stimulating, and caring learning environment.

By: Jyoti Nayak

Birla School, Pilani

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