Abacus in Our Daily Life

Education News | Nov-23-2020

Abacus In Daily Life

Abacus is a calculating device. It also has been teaching to children in our daily life. Do you know? When and why was it invented. So, the invention of abacus happened in 3000 BC (Before Christ) in China. Tim Cranmer brought up with the invention of the abacus. The abacus was used, by the merchants who come for trading the trader has to keep a count. To make calculations easy, the invention of abacus happened. Learning abacus these days is very important as well as useful let us see how. First, as you all know that abacus is a calculating device. To learn and gain speed to calculate then the calculation will be much easier. Second, from this, you can improve your concentration level as you will start learning, you have to focus on an abacus.

Third, you can have much sharper memory as if you start learning abacus one have to learn mental calculating and remembering the rules of using an abacus. Fourth, you can process the information as in real life. If anyone gives you information and asks to calculate it, then you can answer fast and correct. Last but the main reason why we should learn abacus is left-right brain development as are brain has two hemispheres left and right. Left side features are Analytic thought, Logic, Language and Science & Maths and in the right side are holistic thought, creativity and art & music. If both sides of the brain work together, then only you will be smart. Most of the people use only their right side. An abacus, you will have to use both hands to use. That is how the left and right side work together. In the last, I will say that this is the chance to learn abacus online in the covid-19 situation.

Ansh Srivastava 

Delhi Public School, Gautam Buddha Nagar

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