Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in a Big City

Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in a Big City

There are many advantages to living in a big city. We have many facilities to do work and be satisfied. Water is available for our needs through water tanks. This water is then purified and given to us by RO fitted in each house. Electricity is available in large capacity. Bulbs and LED lights can be used in a big city to enlighten homes.

In summers, the fan can also be used, in winters, to obtain hot water, we can switch on the geyser for some time. But, can anyone think about the disadvantages after having so many advantages of living in a big city. While having such facilities of living in a big and developed city, we cannot be ready to withstand at a non-developed place. In a city or a village, people do not have so many facilities. But they can stand at different places that have less or no drinking water, no easy food availability, etc. But any urban person, which is adapted to live in with the facilities cannot survive. The people that do not live in big cities can be safe and can also save other people in water disasters such as low floods because they know to swim in deep water. The urban people cannot survive without food and water for a day, but the people who live in villages and are not enough to get food for their family and themselves can live without food and water for more than a day. Here are some more advantages to living in a big city-

  • Transports are available.
  • Restaurants are also available for food.
  • The network is good for working on social media to chat, call, search, find a way to reach our destination, etc. 
  • Doctors are available for children, youngsters and senior citizens and so on.

Some more disadvantages of living in a big city are -

  • Noise is very much.
  • There is a lack of space and parking.
  • There are high crime cases.
  • There is very much pollution due to the smoke released by factories and vehicles. Burning of fuels and crackers also causes pollution which, can causes diseases and so on.

So, there are many advantages and disadvantages to living in a big and developed city.

Utkarsh Garg
Sri Venkateshwar International School

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