Air And Water Pollution

Education News | Jul-29-2021

Air And Water Pollution

Pollution, in general, is the containment of unused products that destroy the environment. Pollution not only pollutes the environment but also harms one's body due to the oxygen that we breathe which is too contaminated by wastages that people through randomly anywhere. Our mother earth has to bear lots of changes in her life from thunderstorms to environmental pollution. Human beings who are passive affector of pollution face severe diseases like lung cancer and respiratory disease which sometimes lead to death as well. Toxic chemicals that accumulate in top predators can make some species unsafe to survive. One billion people lack access to clean water and 2 billion don’t have adequate proper sanitation, putting their lives at risk of contracting deadly diseases is like making an innocent guilty. Hence, the 2 main types of pollution being water and air pollution.

Air Pollution which is present in the atmosphere with lots of harmful gases like carbon monoxide, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, etc that becomes one of the risk factors for human beings to survive on earth. Air pollution is caused by when ozone reacts with sunlight causing factories to burn, smog that makes it too difficult for a person to see in the morning which ends up causing an accident. The reasons can be many but solutions to curb air pollution are taking a cycle of walking to a nearby store, turning off lights when not in use, and busying things that are manufactured using fossil fuels.

Water pollution is one of the largest problems on the earth which again leads to contaminating the water bodies usually by human activities like throwing plastic bags in the water, throwing all the scared things in the water, etc. Water pollution ends up leading to the extinction of aquatic life which is affected by human activities. Diseases like cholera, dengue, typhoid affect the population as well. Even in wealthy nations, the government has not taken the necessary steps to curb the problem thereby the following steps that we can do are by throwing the litter in the garbage, by not disposing of garbage in toilets, minimum use of pesticides, and insecticides, and much more.

To conclude we being the citizens of the nation have to take the initiative to do the changes and motivate others.

By: Hitanshi Arora
Sri Venkateshwar International School