Air Force One - A Special Airplane For The American President

Education News | Oct-11-2020

Air Force One - A Special Airplane For The American President
Although ‘Air Force One’ will describe any Air Force craft carrying the President, it's currently commonplace to apply to use the term to seek advice from specific planes equipped to move the Commander-in-Chief. President of us should be able to travel anyplace within the world on a moment’s notice. luckily, fashionable Presidents have access to a spread of transportation choices — as well as flying aboard Air Force One. Technically, Air Force One is employed to explain any Air Force craft carrying the President — however since the center of the twentieth century, it's been commonplace apply to seek advice from specific planes that square measure equipped to move the Commander-in-Chief. Today, this name refers to 1 of 2 extremely custom-made  Boeing 747-200B series craft, that carry the tail codes 28000 and 29000. The Air Force designation for the craft is VC-25A.
Air Force One is one in all the foremost recognizable symbols of the presidency, spawning unnumbered references not simply in yank culture however across the globe. Emblazoned with the words “United States of America,” the Star-Spangled Banner, and also the Seal of the President of us, it's associate degree simple presence where it flies. Capable of provision point, Air Force One has unlimited vary and might carry the President where he must travel. The aboard physics square measure hardened to shield against associate degree magnetism pulse, and Air Force One is provided with advanced secure communications instrumentality, permitting the craft to perform as a mobile command center within the event of associate degree attack on us. Inside, the President and his travel companions get pleasure from four,000 sq. feet of floor area on 3 levels, as well as an intensive suite for the President that options an oversized workplace, lavatory, and room. Air Force One includes a medical suite that may perform as associate degree operating theatre, and a doctor is for good on board. The plane’s 2 food preparation galleys will feed a hundred individuals at a time.
Air Force One conjointly has quarters for those that accompany the President, as well as senior advisors, US Secret Service officers, traveling press, and alternative guests. many load planes generally fly earlier than Air Force One to produce the President with services required in remote locations. Air Force One is maintained and operated by the Presidential Airlift cluster, a part of the White House Military workplace. The Airlift cluster was supported in 1944 because of the Presidential Pilot workplace in the direction of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. For consecutive fifteen years, numerous propeller-driven craft served the President, till President Dwight D. President Eisenhower flew to Europe aboard VC-137A, a Boeing 707 Stratoliner, in August 1959. In 1962, President John F. Kennedy became the primary President to fly in an exceedingly jet specifically engineered for presidential use – a changed Boeing 707. Over the years, many alternative jet crafts are used, with the primary of the present craft being delivered in 1990 throughout the administration of President martyr H. W. Bush
Aditya Raj Awasthi
Class: 6
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