Ancient Civilizations Of Our Past

Education News | Jul-16-2020

Ancient Civilizations Of Our Past

Every region has its own belief and their own custom to followed up. The traditional we used to follow is due to the early generation used to celebrate. The architecture we have is the gift from our ancient time's generation that we are able to see their idea in the form of the mysterious way they conveyed into the scripture that signifies some meaning to our life. For sake let us take an example of country India where it has been believed that their monument still has some kind of message to the entire world and spread a good way of giving information to the next generations. We even don't know exactly what we are going through but sometimes our civilization teaches us a very good lesson whether it regarding how to live peacefully and in coordination with others. Ancient Civilisation has reverence in the heart of today's generation which not only provides a good impact on the mind but it also influences most of the young generation. The message that has been passed away by our ancestors was a desirable way to make alive the spirituality with the help of these monuments. Hopefully, the gift that we got from an ancestor is still on this planet and resemble good respect for an ancestor in return.

Few monuments like Jantar Mantar show time correctly and it has been believed that the science in ancient architecture used was marvelous. Taj Mahal signifies the love that had been made and it will be last forever. We still need to know more about the science today we have and the science once we had, so that we could be able to implement the future in the best possible manner.

Now coming to the main topic that is ancient civilizations that existed in the past:

1. Indus Valley Civilization - It was a Bronze Age civilization that existed in the northwestern regions of South Asia. It lasted from 3300 BCE to 1300 BCE and it also had its mature version from 2600 BCE to 1900 BCE.

2. The Maya Civilization - It was a Mesoamerican civilization built by Maya People and their logosyllabic script was noted all around the world.

3. The Ancient Egyptian Civilization - Ancient Egypt arrived as a civilization of ancient North Africa. It is primarily situated along the lower side of the Nile River, now known as country Egypt.

4. The Chinese Civilization - The Yellow River valley was ruled by the Shang. It commonly became the cradle of Chinese civilization. It starting records back from 1250 BC from the Shang Dynasty.

By: Aditya Sharma

School: Mahaveer Public School

Class: 10th