Are Beauty Pageants Beneficial To Women?

Education News | Sep-13-2021

Are Beauty Pageants Beneficial To Women?

The concept of beauty pageants is stated in Britain where women were judged based on their appearance during Mayday celebrations. The winner of this pageant was called May queen. It was conducted as an appreciation to women who look served as a symbol of beauty In the community. Slowly the spread of this culture led to the hosting of numerous pageants on different levels. Beauty pageants also known as beauty contests got famous in the 1880s where women had to submit their professionally taken pictures to the judges and they were called and could participate in these competitions.

Women take pride in being a participant of these pageants, which are now held at district, state, national, international and world level. Not only for women but men and kids alike. These pageants have many benefits to women such as-

1. Recognition- being a part of these pageants gives women recognition and makes them known in their societies and communities which gives them their own identity.

2. Confidence- standing in front of huge crowds and facing some of the greatest people as judges give a boost in their confidence.

3. Money/Rewards- many contests provide the winner with cash prices or supplementary acting and modeling roles.

4. Training- before these contests the participants are given thorough training as to how to present themselves in front of the judges and how to walk down the stage.

5. Personality development- through training and intense experiences the personality of the participant changes and becomes sharper and better.

6. Handling pressure and disappointment- when presenting in front of huge crowds and judges people tend to get used to the pressure that comes with going up on stage. It helps them in the future when any such opportunity arises.

7. Meeting new people- a plus point of these contests is that you get to meet new and like-minded people.

By: Kanak
Gaurs International School