Art for Mental Health

Education News | Jun-11-2020

Art for Mental Health

A major part of well being is mental well being. In contemporary times, the consideration of mental health issues has started to increase. It is obtained that one out of every four children suffers from mental health issues. Mental health issues can severely affect the energy level, concentration, dependability, mental ability, and optimism, hindering the performance of a student. Mental health issues directly impact productivity and hinder the holistic development of a student. Though what triggers a mental breakdown is always uncertain and changes from individual to individual, one of the best ways to heal through any mental health issue is art.

“Art is my cure to all the madness, sadness, and loss of belonging in the world & through it I'll walk myself home.”― Nikki Rowe

Art therapy is one of the finest ways of healing. Yet, a lot of people consider just drawing and painting as art, yet art is something more than it. In simple words, art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. Writing, dancing, poetry, painting, music, and the like, everything is art. Involving oneself into the creation of arts allows an individual to relieve stress. An individual uses art as an escape from their toxic thoughts. An artwork speaks volumes about a person’s thoughts and ideas. Where we say, a big part of therapy is talking, art is one way in which a person can express themselves and relieve their pain.

Art can help in reducing stress and diverting the mind. It can give a brief sense of accomplishment and a great boost for self-esteem. It empowers creative thinking and allows an individual to channelize thoughts in a constructive manner. Gone were the days when art was considered as just a leisure activity. Art is therapy. Art is an essential part of everyone’s life as it gives a creative way out to an individual to speak what they feel.

By: Ishika Aggarwal