Artificial Intelligence- A New Concept Of NEP

Education News | Apr-06-2022

Artificial Intelligence- A New Concept Of NEP

Recently, being a new concept of the National Education Policy AI has gained a lot of importance. It is not that it's developed recently, earlier also we used it unnoticeably. The recommendations and trending pages on YouTube and Google were displayed by AI. In simple language, we can say that AI is a branch of computer science that makes intelligent machines that don’t need continuous instructions and can do tasks that humans generally do.

This newly promoted field is said to present numerous opportunities shortly, thus becoming a good subject to master and learn about. For the same, it declares that school children at all levels of schooling will be briefed on this interesting subject. Thus, this new concept of the NEP is likely to be successful in motivating students to study in India instead of going abroad and working for the development of our nation.

Now the question is, how can learning AI under the NEP help us?
Some benefits of AI are -

Artificial intelligence is considered to be the skill of the century. It is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the job market, with many jobs and higher pay than engineers in other fields.

Investing both time and money in this field can help us long time too. AI-based technologies can help drastically in the time of natural disasters. Such technologies are also good for society. AI can be used in improving agriculture, emergency services, and healthcare. It can also help store a huge amount of data and figure out the problems faced by people of a particular region using advanced programs.

Thus, let’s take advantage of this interesting and useful field which has been brought to light by the NEP to the best of our potential.

By : Toshani Mehra
Delhi Public School Greater Noida

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