Benefits of Distance Learning

Education News | Dec-11-2020

Benefits of Distance Learning

Due to COVID 19 pandemic situation, online schooling and distance learning gained a lot of popularity. I believe that it is an actual boon to mankind! We can’t even imagine our lives without it. It is a marvellous way to learn without spreading commutable diseases, like COVID. If it would not have been there then most of us would have taken a year's drop.

This online schooling or distance learning also increased our value towards time and we started valuing it, and we also understood that it is the most important thing of all. Especially during exams, earlier our teachers used to give us constant reminders to submit our assignment sheets but now we understood that time doesn’t wait for us, we have to speed up and we are the only ones who have to monitor our time.

Along with this, distance learning also provides a personalized learning experience. It is important because everyone is unique and has his or her own level of understanding and own learning speed. The time I take to learn a thing differs from others. This is because everybody is unique! This online learning methodology is a great way for students with high learning capacity, which are those who learn fast, and also for students with slightly low learning capacity, which are those who take time to learn. This is because lectures delivered by teachers can be seen any number of times one, two, or even 20 times.

At times some introverted students who are good learners but are unable to face their peers in a physical classroom are being highly affected during physical learning. Now the question arises that will the lack of participation of such introverted students because of peer pressure affect their academics and their mental health?

Yes, of course, it will as in spite of the teacher putting numerous efforts the concept will not be clear to the student unless and until the student participates in the class.

But now all thanks to distancing learning because of which introverted students can easily participate in the class without thinking about peer pressure just because they are sitting in a place, they feel comfortable in.

This helps in bringing all students on a common platform of learners, on the same track and at the same level. Thus, the students without caring about others learning speed can get a personalized learning experience which each and every student deserves.

ICT (information and communication technology) tools and platforms used for quizzes and revisions are a great way opted by distance learning to make the class more interactive and interesting. It enables students to use innovative educational resources, establishing a more active collaboration of students which makes a class or a quiz to appear like a game. It enhances the student’s interest and participation in the subject. Such apps and resources make learning fun and easily understandable which results in prolong learning by the learners.

Therefore, as earlier said, distance learning is an actual boon to mankind!

Toshani Mehra

Delhi Public School, Greater Noida