Biodiversity Is The Key To Healthy Survival

Biodiversity Is The Key To Healthy Survival

Have you ever been wondered, why is biodiversity being threatened? 

I would say no and the reason being is, we are reluctant to know about it just because everything is quite easily available to us. We are engrossed in the daily life activities that we keep on forgetting the fact that everything we have today even on our table is because of nature and still we are not thankful for it. Before discussing further, I would like to draw your attention to a fact that, "There is 3.5 billion google search every day and each search produces 0.2 gm of carbon dioxide". Emission of greenhouse gases has an adverse impact on the environment and this is a well-known fact but for us, it is just frivolous data. There is a local and global factor which are responsible for a loss of biodiversity.

Technology and urbanization are creating a peril in terms of unbridled waste and creating an imbalance in the natural ecosystem which has numerous repercussions on the environment. We have reached the moon, Mars and back but is that efficient until we are not able to solve the issues of this very planet. Advancement in technology has an even greater impact on natural ecosystems in every possible way whether it is carbon footprint or e-waste produced. Emerging technology and the rise in population lead to urbanization which in turn disturbs the habitats. Migration towards urban areas brings along a local factor of loss of biodiversity which is resource exploitation. Blatant deforestation, poaching, mining, fishing, and land-use changes, etc. are those perpetual human activities that give impulse to the loss of biodiversity. Pollution has always been a plight factor in these changing scenarios which evolves from our activities. Water pollution, solid and plastic waste plays an essential role in threatening aquatic life. The concrete jungle has also an impact on the hydrological cycle such as less evapotranspiration which in turn affects the ecology of the ecosystem. So, if we combine all these factors then comes the global factor which is climate change. All these factors are correlated to each other and in this excruciating time, we need to work on.

In this dire situation, it is extremely crucial to contemplate the issues and find a coherent response that can replenish the environment with a sustainable future. Although it is an arduous task hopefully with collaboration it is possible. We just need to final those innocuous solutions and have to rigorously apply those. The very first approach should be public awareness because without this every effort will go down into the drain. Strong legislation and international treaties are extremely required and adhere to these rules exclusively, in order to take control of the incessant killing of animals and cutting trees which are the most viable part of the natural ecosystem. Stringent laws towards waste produced by industries before they discharging into drains, rivers, etc. These are some preliminary approaches to the conversation of biodiversity."Live and let live".

By: Prashant Awasthi

Class 8

Mother Teresa Education Centre


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