Boards Exams To Be Cancelled?

Boards Exams To Be Cancelled?

As the COVID 19 started hitting India hard, the entire country got locked down including the schools, colleges, institutions, and offices. A lot of things faced severe downfall because of the same. Things got shut down in between with absolutely no hope of opening soon. One thing that really made a lot of people suffer was the ICSE and CBSE board exams. There were exams of some subjects left to be conducted which due to the sudden rise of Covid-19 were put on hold. Now, according to a new update by ICSE and CBSE board, they may conduct board exams in July.
Parents and students are demanding cancellation of the pending board exams. A PIL has been filed by a parent who was presented in the Bombay High Court, where the CISCE today has said that it won't force students to sit for exams that are going to be held in July. They have given 2 options, either to appear for the pending exams or be marked on the basis of preboard/internal assessment. Students and Parents have launched numerous campaigns on social media tagging posts with “studentlivesmatter", "cancelboardexams ” and "cancel10thICSEBoards".
They want the exams to be canceled as it involves not only the safety of the students appearing for the exam but also the safety of the people involved in the process. A lot of parents have also claimed that the online classes of their children have been on for over 2 months now and the children seem to be in a fix as to what to focus on. Given the risks involved in conducting the exams, the governments of the three states of Punjab, Telangana and Tamil Nadu have canceled their state board exams for Class 10 for the year 2020. Even the international boards, IBDP and IGCSE have canceled their exams owing to COVID-19. Now the question arises that other boards have canceled their exams considering the high risks involved, why is CBSE and ICSE are denying for the same.
There’s this one single question that echoes through the collective voice of the students and parents: Who will take the blame even if one student gets infected during the process of examinations. If the answer to this question is justified enough, no parent or child will have a problem in the exam being conducted. But putting your, as well as others' lives at risk for exams which could be postponed may be highly risky for a lot of people out there.

By: Surbhi Singh



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