Can Brain Damage From Drugs Be Reversed?

Can Brain Damage From Drugs Be Reversed?

Drugs are like a trap for you, in which if you get trapped then you can never escape from it no matter how hard you try!

Drugs are something which we all know can never be good for consumption. It just affects your mental, emotional and physical well being. However drugs can be classified into two types. The first type is helpful and then second one seems helpless. We’ll however talk about the helpless ones. These drugs generally leave a long lasting impact on one consuming it. These drugs make an individual dependent on them. They affect your health in such a manner that one starts increasing its dose leading to a very harmful health. It leaves worst impact on our brain. Brain damaged from drugs can never come back to normal easily. Since our brain manages all functioning and thoughts, drugs leave a direct and almost a permanent impact on it. Our brain becomes dependent on these drugs which will lead one to the addiction of it. We all must know that when anything is dependent on anything then to make it independent is a very hard job. The same case is with our brain. It enters a comfort zone where it is totally dependent on drugs and becomes lazy enough to control our sentimental or emotional thoughts. The brain acts worse and worse.

In conclusion we can just say we must never consume neither think to consume drugs ever in our life. One can lose all intelligence and his brilliance due to its consumption.

Aanya Pandey

class- 9th 


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