Can graphic designing be a career option?

Education News | Aug-29-2020

Can graphic designing be a career option?

The road to career success is filled with enemies, failures, and confusion. Colleges only provide us with degrees and knowledge but do not guide us what exactly we'll do in a career of our choice. For instance, if you think about pursuing Graphic Designing as your career after graduation.
There are wide varieties of employment opportunities or careers in graphic design after graduation.
Graphic Design. A process of communication with clear and easily understandable visuals. It focuses on crafting appealing visual aids to attract a group of audience. It can be found almost everywhere around you, from the latest movie posters to the packaging of your favorite chocolate bars.

The list below is some of the career opportunities in the graphic design field. 

  1. Graphic Designer- A person who develops illustrations, graphics, and layouts for product, company, logos, websites, and more.
  2.  Creative Director- A person who determines the creative vision of a project and acts as a guardian of a brand. The main work of the creative director is to lead the team, managing skills, time management, and often budgeting, and to create something either tangible or abstract products.
  3.  User Experience (UX) designer- These are the design teams that make products and services seamless, enjoyable, and also provides meaning and relevant experience to the users. It requires a blend of skills in design and web technology.
  4.  User Interface (UI) designer- These designers share the same end goals just like UX designers. UI designers, design each and every screen or page to interact with more users.
  5.  Production Artist- From pre-production to post-production stage, the job of production artist require equal parts of design and computer applications skill. They might also suggest improvements in work till the last minute.
  6.  Product Developer- Roles of Graphic designer and Product developer go hand in hand. They generally lead, ideate, and manage the creation of products. Their general tasks include creating illustrations, researching, presenting the product, and contributing to the development process.
  7.  Art Director- A person who creates design and directs other artists to make their contribution. They usually work closely with their clients.
  8. Animator- They try to leave a visual impact and creates or develops a story in order to meet the employer's objectives. They generally use complex graphics and animation computer software to complete their tasks.

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By- Sakshi Bhardwaj