Can internet be a great teacher?

Can internet be a great teacher?

These days, where everything and anything is available on the internet, where everyone is actively taking part online, can the internet be a great learning platform?  Yes, the internet is a helpful platform for learning about anything you want, but it doesn't compare to a teacher. The Internet has a lot of benefits for every person. It can help you learn about everything, free of cost. The internet connection saves a lot of time that goes into research and provides a platform for better learning. Along with these benefits, the internet can be confusing too as it may show you the results which are not of your interest area and can cause confusion about something you might don't know. The Internet connection plays a vital role in education as it acts as a guide for studying. It provides a variety of topics, sub-topics, and how to learn it is in different ways from individuals all around the world.

The old method of studying

Earlier, it was only textbooks and notebooks along with reference books from the library that helped in studying. Now with the internet, the options have increased for every student, it still cannot replace the way of teaching from a teacher who might help you with the subject plus with other activities too.

The new method of studying

Online learning has become a vital part of every student's life these days, online classes, learning about new topics, or finding new ideas for the project by watching Tiktoks. However, students still feel the need to interact with teachers because it is a better form of learning. Students have learned a lot about the apps called zoom and Microsoft teams in these times of online learning. Yes, the internet is a vast platform for learning and has many benefits like it is free, easy to use, saves time, etc. though it doesn't compare to a real teacher. A teacher not only helps you to gain knowledge in a subject but also helps you in developing mentally and emotionally.  Teachers guide you along with your parents for your benefit. The teacher can give you advice and help you with your development. The creation of internet technology has impacted everything in the world and the process of learning as well. The teacher is the one person we all look up to whenever we felt the need for guidance.

By Muskan Srivastava

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