Can Online Education Be Compatible With A Traditional One?

Education News | Dec-25-2021

Can Online Education Be Compatible With A Traditional One?

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” said the great Albert Einstein!

Hybrid classrooms have changed the definition of schools completely! Education is a two-sided process. The educator teaches and the student is being taught. It’s like a message which is delivered and received. But, in a hybrid classroom, the teacher is speaking indeed; what is the certainty that the student is learning? Honestly, there isn’t any!

The question that arises is, Can an online classroom be compatible with the traditional classroom? Putting forward my opinion, I think that would be as hard as dressing up a giraffe! On one hand, the traditional classroom teaches us discipline and obedience whereas the online classroom would teach us ignorance.

School gives space to kinaesthetic learning, teamwork, and personality development! I remember a quote by Benjamin Franklin, “Tell me, and I forget. teach me, and I remember. involve me, and I will learn.”

Suppose I share a fact with you that water is a good conductor of electricity, you remember it well. But, on a rainy day, you go turn a switch on with your bare and wet feet and then get that tiny current! What is the use of memorizing the facts, then? Learning involves experimentation, skill development, interaction, and most importantly, making mistakes and learning from them!

To be honest, a thing not only has flaws or cons but there are certain pros as well! Hybrid Classroom is accessible of time and place, suits a variety of learning styles, and has more attendance. There are also a few unwanted and secret skills which we learned; forging, cheating, and lying! There might be both pros and cons of the context, but when the cons conquer the pros, the progress is nowhere to be seen.

While learning is a versatile process, a hybrid classroom confines it!

Online instructors focus upon theory rather than practice! Feso4 plus zn gives rise to znso4 and fe. But how? Why? What is the color of the solution? What if we change the quantities? How much time does this take? Well, all of these questions are left unanswered when you know you will just have to paste the theory in the exam to score well! This is called memorizing! This is exactly the way a hybrid classroom lacks learning! Here comes the cause, that is the lack of face-to-face interactions!

Hybrid Classroom is inaccessible to the computer illiterate population and thus causes social isolation. Social isolation coupled with a lack of communication often leads to several mental health issues such as heightened stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts. Talking about computer illiteracy, there is still a large gap in computer literacy in the population. Until such gaps in society exist, online education will not be able to reach all citizens. Therefore, we must look at online learning as an addition, rather than as a replacement to traditional education.
I would like to quote a saying of Albert Einstein, “I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots!”

By : Mahika
Happy English School