Cause & Effects Of Violence In School

Education News | Sep-06-2021

Cause & Effects Of Violence In School

Around the world, school violence is a serious issue. For both offenders and victims, the repercussions of school violence may cause division and serious mental and physical suffering. School violence is mostly caused by a mix of poor community connections and a lack of a firm hand in both schools and neighborhoods. Both of these must be addressed to successfully deal with the problem. Differences amongst teens are frequently at the root of school violence. Children are natural herders, and they will gravitate toward individuals that are similar to them in appearance, attitude, and hobbies. Other groups are viewed as adversaries, and war ensues.

One of the primary reasons for school violence is a lack of knowledge. If young kids aren't educated about the dangers and repercussions of violence from an early age, there's a good chance they'll engage in it later. Education must take place at home, in the presence of parents, and in the classroom. Furthermore, when violence occurs, a lack of willingness to punish the offenders encourages them to do so again later. The use of violence by teachers and law enforcement personnel must be discouraged. It's a basic mindset. A penalty declares that both mental and physical aggression is unacceptable. Allowing them to get away with it sends the message that they haven't broken any rules. This is a pattern we've observed in UK jails, as evidenced by the high reoffending rates.

School violence is often the result of strained community ties. Inter-racial schools cultivate the seeds of conflict by bringing pupils from various backgrounds together. Many students have never met someone from these backgrounds before, which breeds distrust and apprehension. If they have had previous interaction with persons from these backgrounds, it is extremely unlikely that violence will occur. Overall, it's not so much the violent risk factors that create an issue. When it does happen, it's the lack of will to act on it. It will be difficult to eradicate all forms of violence. Children will inevitably make errors. Schools and community officials must intervene to prevent this from happening again.

By: Samaira Sachdeva
Delhi Public School, Gautam Buddh Nagar